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Look at conflict-related crime from every angle

International Crimes, Conflict and Criminology

Conflicts lead to looting, killing, recruitment of child soldiers, genocide – and even terrorism. They can also lead to cross-border crimes such as human trafficking, kidnappings and wildlife crimes. International organisations, NGOs and governments are confronted with questions about how to prevent and respond to these criminal acts, and how to deal with their harmful consequences. But a lack of knowledge means that effective responses often never get off the ground.

Please note: the application deadline for this master is 31 March

This Master’s programme is unique in several ways: literally, in that it’s not offered by any other university in the world. But also in its scope, because you’ll learn to combine insights and methodologies from several different disciplines: criminology, law, psychology, sociology and political science. And finally, VU Amsterdam is close to The Hague – home to the UN’s International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court – the legal capital of the world. This programme will truly prepare you for an international career in the field.

Discover your International Crimes, Conflict and Criminology programme

Discover your International Crimes, Conflict and Criminology programme

How can a child soldier become a torturer? Can the International Criminal Court prosecute terrorists? How does human trafficking in the Sinaï work?

In this Master’s programme, you’ll uncover how crimes relate to conflict, focusing on the role of individuals, groups, states and the international community. You’ll delve into the psychology of perpetrators, learn about criminological theories on organisational processes, and discuss justice responses at all levels.

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