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Explore the entanglements of nature and culture

Humanities Research: Environmental Humanities

This interdisciplinary research master track focuses on the entanglements of nature and culture. In our international and interdisciplinary classroom, we interrelate perspectives from within and outside the Humanities to understand and responsibly inhabit the more-than-human world.

The Environmental Humanities track is open to talented students from the Humanities as well as from related fields, who are looking for ways to analyze ecological questions in their full historical and cultural complexity.

If questions of climate change, species extinction, pollution, or the exploitation of natural resources have in the past mainly been analyzed from the perspective of the Natural Sciences, it is becoming more and more clear that humans and their cultural, economic and political systems play a major role in these issues. The Humanities are therefore vital in making sense of these complex problems.

Environmental Humanities is one of the tracks of the Master's programme in Humanities Research.