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Make the connection between art, architecture, design and media

Humanities Research: Critical Studies in Art and Culture

In this Master’s programme, you’ll focus on the analysis of visual objects: artefacts in various media that function (primarily or partially) as images. This ranges from landscapes, cities and buildings to artworks in various media, as well as film, television, design and games. Notions such as inter-, cross- and transmediality play an important role.

As a student of Critical Studies in Art and Culture, you’ll be joining a highly dedicated international group of students, alumni, PhD candidates and staff members from various disciplinary backgrounds, who share a strong interest in the cultural sector. Within and beyond the programme, you’ll meet artists and researchers from around the world, exchange ideas about their research during our informal brunches, and visit exhibitions and cultural events.

Many of our students and alumni are active with VU Amsterdam affiliated journal Kunstlicht. Furthermore, both the Graduate School and our Interdisciplinary Research Institutes CLUE+ (Research Institute for Culture, Cognition, History and Heritage) and the Network Institute offer a broad range of workshops, seminars, lectures and research groups to attend.

Year 1

In the first semester, you’ll choose two out of four research seminars: on architecture, contemporary art, intermediality or design. Plus, you’ll have room to choose electives.

In the second semester, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge in one of the two core modules: Critical Issues in the Cultural Industries, or Imagining the Image.

Together with all your fellow students in the Humanities Research programme, you’ll hone your interdisciplinary skills during core courses on Methodologies, and Environmental or Digital Humanities and History and Philosophy of the Humanities.


  • Research Master Thesis Humanities, Critical Studies in Art and Culture
  • CAMS: Key Concepts
  • Critical Studies Tutorial 2: Research Paper
  • Methods of Design Analysis: The Meanings of Design
  • Seminar Contemporary Art
  • Seminar: Architecture and the Designed Environment
  • Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Physics and Technology
  • Humanities Career Preparation i-CSL
  • Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning: Defining Challenges In a Multi-Stakeholder Context
  • Humanities Research Career Preparation [Is this still up to date?]
  • Methodologies
  • Core Module Imagining the Image
  • Digital Humanities
  • Philosophical and Historical Aspects of the Humanities
  • Critical Studies Tutorial 1: Literature Review
  • Core Module Critical Issues in the Cultural Industries

You will find the study programme in our studyguide.

Year 2

You’ll start your second year with the opportunity to go abroad, take an internship or choose electives. This is accompanied by another course that’s common to all Humanities Research students. You can choose either Humanities Career Preparation if you wish to prepare for a PhD, Entrepreneurship if you want to start your own business, or Community Service Learning if you’re keen to apply your knowledge to solve societal issues and collaborate with others inside and outside the university. In the fourth semester, you’ll take one of the two core courses: Critical Issues in the Cultural Industries, or Imagining the Image. Finally, you’ll write your Master’s thesis based on independent academic research.

Within the programme, you also have the opportunity to co-build your own curriculum and pursue research projects within the research areas of faculty members. These include:

  • Intermediality, new media, media theory, and (post) digital art
  • Contemporary architecture and urbanism in relation to mobility and globalisation
  • Contemporary art, between criticality and creative industries
  • Design theory and criticism

Questions about the Critical Studies in Art and Culture specialization?

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Send an e-mail to dr. S. (Sven) Lütticken:

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