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Contribute to optimal physical functioning in sports and health

The degree qualifies you as a scientist with career opportunities in applied research or in vocational education.

After successfully completing the Human Movement Sciences master's program, there are plenty of career opportunities ahead of you, for example in a role as a researcher at a rehabilitation center or a sports institute. Some of our graduates work as an embedded scientist or as an exercise physiologist. But you can also work in vocational education in the field of sports or health care or as a scientist at a (top) sports association.

What can you do after your Master's degree?

Start your career

With a Master’s degree of Human Movement Sciences under your belt, you have a fundamental understanding of how we move and how to translate multidisciplinary scientific knowledge to applications in sports and healthcare practice.

In addition, you have well-developed communication and research skills, making you broadly employable.

You can start your career in applied research at a rehabilitation center or sports institution, or in vocational education in sports or healthcare. But also as an embedded scientist, exercise physiologist, or knowledge broker. Click here for a list of career opportunities after your master's degree in Human Movement Sciences. 

Join the LinkedIn group Human Movement Sciences VU University to stay updated about vacancies relevant for graduated Human Movement Scientists. 

Postdoctoral Specialisations

Sport psychologist
With the Sport Psychology track you meet the entry requirements for the postgraduate programme to Practical Sports Psychologist. This programme takes approximately one year and leads to accreditation by the ‘Vereniging voor SportPsychologie in Nederland’ as ‘Praktijksportpsycholoog®’. 

For further information see: Postgraduate Opleiding tot PraktijkSportpsycholoog (Dutch).

Exercise specialist
In combination with clinical experience, the Master’s degree also provides a good entry level to obtain an ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologists®.

For further information see: ACSM Certification