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Tackle the complex health challenges of the future

After completing the Health Sciences Master’s programme, you will be able to identify and collect health-related information from different sources and use this information to analyse health (care) problems

You will be skilled at suggesting relevant interventions based on evidence from empirical epidemiologic population studies. You will also be able to communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders in the field of Health Sciences. Finally, you will contribute to a multi- or interdisciplinary approach to health problems, health promotion and healthcare in a national or international context.

What can you do after your Master's degree?

Find a challenging job in a Health Sciences field

The qualities you have developed during the Health Sciences Master’s programme are relevant for a wide variety of positions.

Your career prospects after graduation depend on your personal preferences and acquired skills and experience.

With excellent analytical skills, a comprehensive overview of the healthcare system and specialised knowledge and skills, you will be a valuable asset to many employers in the healthcare sector.

Become a researcher at a university, applied research institute, governmental institute, or the (food) industry.

You may choose to pursue a career as a health insurance policy officer with a health insurer, a disease prevention policy officer at a branch of the Municipal Health Services, a communication advisor on health issues, and more.

You can also put your skills to work as a teacher, epidemiologist, health advisor or consultant.

Or you pursue your PhD

With a Master’s degree in Health Sciences, you will have the relevant knowledge and skills to pursue a career in a wide variety of positions. Or, you can decide to continue expanding your knowledge and apply for a Ph.D. position.

Where did our students end up?