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Finance: Duisenberg Honours Programme in Finance and Technology

On finishing the challenging honours programme, you will both have excellent data science and finance skills and know how to implement apply data science into the finance practice.

 That is why you will stand out with a rare and specific skill set that is much needed in a wide variety of (financial) business sectors.

What can you do after your Master's degree?

Entering the job market

As firms in the financial industry are effectively looking for people who know how to handle data and how to implement the new opportunities that such data offers in their business model, you have a head start on the job market. You will be able to fulfil a valuable bridge function between the pure quants (as you’ll understand the numbers) and the business managers (as you’ll be able to interpret the results).

Graduates of the programme have gone on to work at one of the large consulting firms (Deloitte, Accenture, McKinsey, etc.), the big banks (ING, ABN AMRO, etc.), the Central Bank or large corporations. IT firms like and Google are also interested in graduates from the programme.