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Explore the past, shape our future

What can past and present conditions tell us about the future? How can we use Earth system knowledge to effectively address global challenges such as climate change? As a Master’s student of Earth Sciences, you will learn to find sustainable solutions for present and future challenges regarding our planet and climate. You will study natural processes and cycles of the Earth’s system within and among rock, soil, water, organisms and air.

Earth Sciences offers three specialisations:

Geology and Geochemistry (G&G)
With G&G you focus on the Earth’s crust and mantle, applying field and laboratory research to understand the geodynamics, geochemistry and sedimentary archives of the Earth and other planets

Earth and Climate (E&C)
With E&C you focus on the Earth's surface and study climate records, applying field work with laboratory research to understand and reconstruct land-surface processes, ocean and climate dynamics, biogeochemical cycles, (paleo-)ecology, and the role of humanity.

Global Environmental Change and Policy (GECP)
If you want to help create sustainable solutions to the world’s greatest societal and scientific challenges through sound interdisciplinary research, GECP gives you the knowledge and skills to tackle the complex problems our planet faces today.

Hbo diploma
Did you know that you can register for the Master Earth Sciences with a Dutch hbo diploma, often without a pre-master? Want to find out how that works? Please send an email to any of the Earth Sciences specialisations:

Discover your Earth Sciences programme

Discover your Earth Sciences programme

You will study the key interactions within the Earth System in all its complexity. Understanding this system is not only fascinating in itself – it provides the knowledge and skills you need to address the complex challenges faced by our society today.

Within our three specialisations, you deepen and broaden your knowledge of the Earth's interior and exterior to become a professional with expert knowledge about our planet’s processes, problems and perspectives.

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