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Create new medicines from a chemical perspective

Challenging and relevant for society

Sixty per cent of all diseases are still incurable. So there are plenty of opportunities to tackle complex challenges. If you are fascinated by the idea of developing new pharmacological therapies and medicines, then this is the Master’s programme for you.

If you study Drug Discovery Sciences* at VU Amsterdam, you will gain insight into drug discovery research from a unique chemical perspective. From the characterisation of molecular causes of pathology to the generation of new therapeutics to treat diseases, and from small molecules and proteins to complex diseases and medicines.

*this is the new name from academic year 2023-2024, until then this Master's programme is called Drug Discovery and Safety.

Discover your Drug Discovery Sciences programme

You’ll focus on the chemical and molecular aspects of early drug discovery. From the identification of new protein targets, computational design and synthesis of new molecules and radiopharmaceuticals, the affinity towards its target and the cellular response, to eventually the metabolism and toxicity of the molecule. You will choose an in-depth specialisation that suits your interests, while gaining knowledge in all drug discovery disciplines.

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Change your world, study Drug Discovery Sciences