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Create new medicines from a chemical perspective

This Master’s programme opens up a whole range of career opportunities

The most obvious ones are in medicinal research, the pharmaceuticals industry and hospital laboratories, but there are also plenty of opportunities within research institutes and governmental agencies. Graduates in Drug Discovery Sciences have excellent employment prospects and can generally expect to earn a good salary. 

About 50% of VU Amsterdam graduates pursue a career in research. Within the university or a research institute, you can be employed as a PhD student, but with your Master's degree, you can also work as a researcher at a pharmaceutical company.

You can also obtain a job as a consultant or a manager. These jobs can mainly be found in the pharmaceutical industry, in government agencies and in drugs inspectorates. Entering a carreer in science journalism is also possible. You can combine your knowledge of the pharmaceutical sciences with insights into communication processes.

If you choose the Science Education specialisation in your second year, you can become involved in improving science education, both as a teacher and in other positions in the academic world.

Isabelle Kohler, lecturer Drug Discovery Sciences & researcher

Isabelle Kohler, lecturer Drug Discovery Sciences & researcher

“It is fascinating that we can detect drugs or pharmaceutical compounds virtually everywhere in the body.” 

Isabelle Kohler teaches within the Master’s programme Drug Discovery Sciences and also conducts research into designer drugs. You can meet her at the new course Advanced Bioanalytical Approaches.

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Isabelle Kohler

What can you do after your Master's degree?

Start working

With a Master’s degree in Drug Discovery Sciences, you have excellent employment prospects. Start working as a medicinal researcher at a hospital, choose for a management or consultant function at a pharmaceutical company or work for a governmental agency as, for instance, a registration specialist or an advisor.

Follow a PhD programme

For four years, you will work on your own research, which will be awarded with a PhD. You can obtain a PhD on various topics, such as the application of nanobodies against cancer or the development of new drugs against neglected diseases like African Sleeping Sickness. After obtaining a PhD, many graduates continue their career in research or find themselves in leadership positions at universities, pharmaceutical companies or in governmental agencies.

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