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Connect, commit and contribute together

Karlijn - Student Environment and Resource Management

Karlijn - Student Environment and Resource Management

So many of us want to contribute to a sustainable world, but it can feel like our individual actions have little impact. But what if 1000's of people take the same action as you at the same time? Sustainability is close to Karlijn's heart and now she's helping others in making sustainable choices too. The CollAction app connects conscious people and gives tips on how to fight for the Sustainable Development Goals together.

Get involved!

Get involved!

Do you want to make the world a better place, but your actions feel like a drop in the ocean? Thanks to crowdacting you can take action together and at the same time with many like-minded people. You act with a group synchronously for the same goal, reinforcing your individual action.

Let's not eat meat for a month together. Let's reduce our plastic use together. Let's not buy new clothes for a season. 

Karlijn and Tom, together with 6 other VU students, are currently working hard on the launch of the CollAction app. The app will be launched in early 2022.  Would you like to be kept informed about the launch? Sign up for the mailing list here. If you want to help the CollAction team, by promoting or for example by helping with the development of the app: please reach out to them at More information can be found on the CollAction website.

The first CrowdAction will take place in January 2022.  

Screenshot of commitments on the CollAction application

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