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Be at the forefront of the communication revolution

Having gained your Master’s degree in Communication Science you will be able to look analytically at communication issues. You will understand the effects of media on society and the workplace. You will be able to identify communication problems and know how to solve these problems.

In an ever-changing media landscape, a Communication Science degree will make you a sought-after expert who is versatile and deployable in various sectors now and in the future.   

The graduates of this Master often end up working for large offline and online communication agencies or in the communication department of an organization. And at a later stage we often see our alumni advance to roles in which they become responsible for the communication strategy of corporations and government organizations, including breweries, ministries, online platforms, chain stores, media companies and NGOs. Yet another group of students ends up working more hands-on at smaller organizations or agencies where they combine communication strategy and its implementation.  

After this Communication Science Master you will be able to work in a great variety of different positions. You will be able to work at a marketing or advertising agency as a researcher who critically examines communication forms and effects, or as an editor at a media company, a spokesperson for a government or other organization, a conference manager, a communication consultant, a researcher or as a journalist. 

Where has Communication Science taken us?