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Explore the intricacies of brain and cognition

Cognitive Neuropsychology (research master)

How do we process information from our senses? What neural mechanisms underlie functions such as memory, language and reasoning? Why can brain damage affect how we move, speak or think?

We humans are packed with mysteries. We only have to look at our friends, coworkers or classmates to understand there is more to them than what we perceive on the outside. What is going on inside their heads? What are they thinking about? How do they really feel? For decades, two disciplines have led science’s thrilling venture to comprehend the workings of brain and mind: cognitive psychology and clinical neuropsychology.

Cognitive psychology investigates our mental processes, like memory, attention and perception, and clinical neuropsychology probes how a neurological disorder or brain damage affects how we think, feel and act in daily life. Both fields help us grasp how mind, brain and behavior interact: patients from neuropsychology help unveil how the brain normally operates, while theories on mental functioning from cognitive psychology help indicate how to best treat such patients.

This two-year Cognitive Neuropsychology research master’s is the only research-oriented program in The Netherlands that combines both disciplines to comprehend how the elusive processes that play out in our mind relate to the structure and function of our brain.

Discover Cognitive Neuropsychology Research Master's programme

Discover Cognitive Neuropsychology Research Master's programme

The internationally oriented curriculum is a joint initiative of the sections of Cognitive Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology, who each bring their own expertise in the human quest for understanding ourselves. Its main goal is to give you the skills and knowledge you need to become a professional researcher within the fascinating realm of cognitive neuropsychology.

Our program presents a multitude of challenges and opportunities stemming from its two-fold focus on fundamental and applied research. By building bridges between the lab and the clinic, we aim to put you not just at the frontier of science, but also at the heart of society, empowering you to change the world around you.

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