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Modern research into the ancient world and its reception

Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Research

The two-year, selective (Research) Master’s in Classics and Ancient Civilizations trains you to function successfully in a research-oriented position either in academia or in professional fields.

Strengths of the programme

  1. Selective programme to which only the best students are admitted
  2. In-depth disciplinary studies in an interdisciplinary context
  3. Programme uniquely covers both the Classical World and the Near East
  4. Many opportunities to follow your own interests in specialization courses and tutorials
  5. Excellent training to develop your research skills

The (Research) Master’s programme Classics and Ancient Civilizations trains you to do research, write project proposals, acquire research funding, and communicate your research results effectively to an academic audience and the wider public. It can best be characterized as a disciplinary programme in an interdisciplinary context. In composing your individual programme, you may opt for a disciplinary specialization in Classics, Ancient Studies, Archaeology or Ancient Near Eastern Studies. In the core modules, as well as in several elective courses, however, you will be stimulated to broaden your academic horizon by learning to position your discipline within a broader interdisciplinary academic context. You may also choose to give your entire programme, including your thesis, an interdisciplinary orientation.

Discover your Classics and Ancient Civilizations RM programme

The (Research) Master’s programme in Classics and Ancient Civilizations gives you a world-class education in Ancient Greece, Rome, and the Near East. You can specialize in a discipline of your choice. As you will be studying in an interdisciplinary context, you will learn at the same time how to cooperate with other scholars in other disciplines. Thus you will become fully equipped and prepared for the modern study of the Ancient World.

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