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Modern research into the ancient world and its reception

Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Research

When you graduate from the (Research) Master’s in Classics and Ancient Civilizations, you will be excellently prepared for conducting PhD research in the Netherlands or abroad and will be able to function successfully in research-oriented positions either in or outside academia.

You will possess a number of skills that are attractive to employers in academia and beyond, such as:

  • excellent research skills
  • the ability to quickly and critically analyse large sets of data
  • advanced writing and presentation skills
  • cross-cultural skills for operating in an international context
  • the ability to see the potential for cooperation with others outside your own discipline/profession
  • collaborative skills for working in teams

You'll read more about your career options in the text below.

What can you do after your Master's degree?

Academic career

The (Research) Master’s in Classics and Ancient Civilizations is the ideal stepping stone to an academic career in fields such as Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology. The programme provides excellent preparation for you to conduct PhD research at a university or research institute. 

There are currently 26 doctoral candidates and 4 postdoctoral fellows in the Department of Ancient Studies and Archaeology at VU Amsterdam. We aim to increase the number of doctoral positions further in the near future, so if you do well in your research Master’s programme, you stand a good chance of being accepted for a PhD position in the department.

Other career options

The (Research) Master’s in Classics and Ancient Civilizations trains you not only for a career in academic research, but also for a wide variety of other positions, such as:

Research positions at museums or scientific institutes
Professional positions at libraries or with scientific publishers
Teaching positions in secondary or higher professional education
Policymaking positions in government or business
Any other positions that require strong research abilities

What jobs do our alumni have?
You can find our alumni in challenging and interesting jobs such as:

Consultant at an archeological firm
Museum employee in classical antiquity
Government services officer
University librarian
Science editor for a newspaper or magazine

Furthermore, if you specialise in archaeology and have taken at least 60 EC in archaeology courses, you are entitled to registration in the Dutch Register of Archaeologists.