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Immerse yourself in familiar and unknown worlds

Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

How is climate change impacting people’s lives, not only in Europe, but also in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America? Which issues underpin the public debate on whether a country should apologise for its past involvement in the slave trade? What images do refugees and other migrants have of Europe and why, conversely, do Dutch people sometimes stereotype migrants negatively?

Learn to understand the world
As a student of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at VU Amsterdam, you learn to understand the world through other people’s eyes and interact with people from different backgrounds. You learn from and with one another. This degree programme equips you for careers ranging from a researcher at a civil society organisation or a cultural specialist in the public or private sector, to a journalist or policy advisor at local or national level, or an advisor at companies that need to keep their ear to the ground with regard to social developments. 

Is this programme well suited to you?  
Are you interested in topics like migration, cultural differences, globalisation, social inequality, and religion, and do you want to get to work on local and global anthropological issues? And do you enjoy listening, observing, reading, writing and analytical thinking? Then this programme is definitely something for you!

Would you prefer to study Anthropology in Dutch? In that case, opt for Culturele Antropologie en Ontwikkelingssociologie

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Why study Cultural Anthropology?

During the Bachelor’s programme in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at VU Amsterdam you study universal topics like migration, globalisation and religion. The programme distinguishes itself by:  
1. A lot of personal contact with a committed, experienced team of instructors  
2. Collaboration with external stakeholders in the profession  
3. The focus is on current local and global social issues  
4. A lot of attention paid to fieldwork  
5. Making an impact and acquiring experience

Together with fellow students from near and far you will work on local and global anthropological issues and you will contribute towards solving contemporary problems. 

Watch the 1 minute video by Luisa Schneider, anthropologist and researcher at VU Amsterdam

Change your world, study Cultural Anthropology

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