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Partnership and Programs for Organizations

How we help organizations to look beyond the hype

It is the mission of the KIN Center for Digital Innovation to help organizations navigate the multiple challenges in our rapidly changing digital world. Through our embedded research, we have developed considerable knowledge, expertise, and experience in research and education relating to Digital Innovation. We use this expertise to enable organizations to be digital-ready.

In order to realize this mission KIN has created different Executive Education Programs and a Research Partnership with the goal to help organizations create an even better understanding of digital innovation and transformation. Through our Research Partnership, KIN delivers services for companies, in close interaction and benefits both parties.

A Research Partnership helps organizations to continuously further develop the knowledge of their employees with the latest academic insights, look beyond the hypes, recruit digital talents, and learn from other companies facing similar challenges in the digital landscape.

Organizations that have worked with us say that after collaboration with KIN researchers they are able to see the full scope of a project and make better decisions on how to proceed with their specific digital innovation challenge and the impact it has on their strategy. 

A collaboration with KIN means:

  • Access to TALENT
  • Deep-dive into your challenge with our EXPERTS

New knowledge and insights

Based on extensive experience with business collaborations we have developed this flagship partnership model which has proven the deliver the most impactful knowledge development. We embark on a close and long-term collaboration to help you tackle the key digital innovation challenge of your present and future organization. 

Research & Learning

A full-time researcher will be hired who will be partly embedded at your organization. Along with the research, we offer a learning program to speed up the digital transformation process your organization and its employees are facing. This combination of research and learning creates short feedback loops while at the same time offering long term and in-depth research insights. The commitment of four years combined with our engaged research approaches, ensures agility to adapt to new challenges offered along the way which will guarantee strategic impact.

This four-year program has the most impactful learning curve and will help you tackle the key digital innovation challenge of your present and future organization.

  • embedded researcher 
  • continuous feedback sessions 
  •  deep-dives and masterclasses 
  • reflection sessions 
  • student projects

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