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Research domain: (Global) Health & Well-being

Human health is the extent of an individual’s continuing physical, emotional, mental and social ability to cope with the environment. Athena's research in this field focusses on describing, understanding, transforming and evaluating responsibilities, strategies, actions and networks together with relevant groups of stakeholders – patients, health workers, societal organisations, industry and policy makers - to increase equal access to health and social care worldwide. Find our projects listed below, divided into subthemes.

Patient engagement 

Health in the Dutch Caribbean | Develops a health research agenda for the Dutch Caribbean

Learning and Improvement in Healthcare | Monitors and evaluates projects focussed on improving the quality of Dutch healthcare 

Huntington's Disease Knowledge Network | Establishes a research agenda for the Dutch Huntington Knowledge Network based on experiential knowledge of the target group

Dutch Arthritis Foundation | Develops the organisational strategy based on patients' experiences (starts soon)

Brain Foundation | Needs exploration of people with brain disorders, their caregivers, health professionals and researchers

PARADIGM | Enables meaningful patient engagement (finalised)

Health access

AHEAD | Increases access to health services in Europe, especially in underserved areas (medical deserts)

Pillars of Health | For an equitable geographic distribution of health workers across Europe

Healthcare for Undocumented Persons | Increasing access to healthcare for undocumented people in Amsterdam

Maternal health

Safe Motherhood | Increasing safe motherhood and reproductive health internationally

Infectious diseases & vaccination

Vaccination Dialogues | Facilitates dialogues with citizens to align COVID-19 vaccination policy with needs in society and improve governmental learning

Evidence in Action | Includes experiential knowledge in vaccination guidelines through AI analyses

Preparing for Emerging Infectious Diseases | Aligns short-term public health and long-term R&D responses

Health policy & systems

LEARN | To inform public health policy in LAO PDR (finalised)

Health innovations & digital inclusion

Doing eHealth Right | Reduces health inequalities by transforming the eHealth system

Chances for West | Investigates the inclusive role of technology in employment of people with disabilities

MELOMANES | Designs a reflexive practice training programme on cancer treatment through nanotechnology (starts soon)

Sustainable health & care

Green Metrics | Analyses how 'green metrics' can become part of health technology assessment

Hi!Noord | Accelerates the health system transition in the Northern Netherlands to actively keep people healthy


FoodCLIC | Makes urban food systems more inclusive and resilient, and empowers citizens to access healthier, sustainable foods

Supreme Nudge | Effects of healthy 'nudges' in supermarkets on the of dietary choices of customers (Dutch)

DOMINO | Drives the creation of plant-based fermented foods in Europe (starts soon)

Probiotics | Investigates how valuable health innovations that not fit the paradigm, like probiotics, can get a successful place in the health system

Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture | Scaling-up nutrition-sensitive agricultural initiatives in South-East Asia (finalised)

Mental health

Spiritual Care | Embedding spiritual care in the home situation

Field Labs India  | Empowering communities and partners in India that strive for social justice and improving mental health

Social justice

What Matters Most | Culturally-sensitive approaches to assess and reduce health-related stigma

Gender-based Violence Care in Ethiopia | Explores mechanisms for integrating gender-based violence care into sexual and reproductive facilities in Ethiopia

Re/Presenting Europe | Healing the afterlives of colonialism 

ADHD-related Stigma | Examines how ADHD-related stigma impacts the lives of people with ADHD and aims to facilitate social inclusion

IMAGE | Improving employability of graduates with autism (finalised)

Youth care & child protection

Future Scenario Child and Family Protection | Develops a knowledge infrastructure that optimally promotes the learning capacity of the relevant actors involved

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