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VU Amsterdam partners with other national and international universities, governmental agencies, organisations and businesses in the areas of education, research and knowledge transfer.

In education, research and knowledge transfer, extensive cooperation is essential for creating added value for our society. Academic institutions, healthcare organisations, businesses, civil society organisations and the government all need each other. And at VU Amsterdam, we have built both an environment and a culture that facilitate cooperation within our university and with external partners.

All of our academic disciplines are represented on the VU Campus. This strengthens interdisciplinary cooperation. A number of interdisciplinary research institutes are also housed on the Campus. In addition, the VU Campus is an inspiring and vibrant place where academics, students, start-ups, scale-ups and civil society organisations are given ample opportunities to work towards building a better world. The presence of incubators, living labs and multiple research facilities further boosts the synergy of this cooperation and social entrepreneurship.

Our partnership with the nearby Amsterdam University Medical Centres (UMC) ensures cross-pollination between the various research and education programmes under the profile theme Human Health & Life Sciences. Scientific research, medical technology, patient care and drug development for oncology and neurosciences, all come together here along with the fields of movement sciences, sports and health.

Our location at the heart of the most important business district in the Netherlands, the Zuidas Knowledge District, also contributes to a favourable environment for collaboration. The VU Campus, along with its surrounding area, is developing into an innovation district for Health, Science and Business. Here, ideas are shared and then businesses put them to use in society. Products and medicines are tested and further developed. Jobs, internships and research positions are found thanks to all the activity. Scientists, the healthcare industry and (social) entrepreneurs all work together. This is how the city, region and society move forward.

In the area of knowledge transfer, we work closely with Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA), Amsterdam UMC, the City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the University of Amsterdam and ACE Incubator.

Needless to say, we also cooperate with universities of applied sciences and research universities, including the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Twente. Within the Universities of the Netherlands (formerly VSNU), we work with 13 Dutch universities to strengthen the higher education sector. Within the Universities of the Netherlands, VU Amsterdam has a pioneering role in which we encourage entrepreneurship across the board. In addition, VU Amsterdam is one of the founders of the Aurora Network.

Our partnerships