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Research institutes Law

Many research topics of the faculty of Law transcend traditional, disciplinary boundaries. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam established interdisciplinary research institutes in order to facilitate and encourage this type of boundary-breaking research. It is a place where researchers can meet, share their expertise and join forces in the acquisition of external funding. These institutes enhance the scientific quality of research and as they are organized around topics of relevant and urgent societal importance, they stimulate innovation in those areas.

The faculty of Law participates in six interdisciplinary research institutes. The majority of research is embedded in either the Kooijmans Institute or the Amsterdam Law and Behavior Institute (A-LAB). 

  • Kooijmans Institute        
    The Kooijmans Institute for law and governance studies relationships between law, politics and ethics.  
  • Amsterdam Law and Behavior Institute (A-LAB) 
    Researchers at the Amsterdam Law and Behavior Institute (A-LAB) address a variety of interdisciplinary issues that intersect with law and/or crime.
  • Talma Institute
    Talma Institute for the Study of Work, Care and Welfare studies the effects of care, educational, and social security policies on economic growth, labour participation, and the level of social protection and cohesion in society.
  • Network Institute
    Network Institute studies the technological, legal, economic, social and communicative aspects of networks.
  • CLUE+
    The interfaculty Research Institute for Culture, Cognition, History and Heritage (CLUE+; formerly Cultural Landscape and Urban Environment) initiates, carries out and coordinates research into the historical development, the heritage and the presentday transformation of the cultural landscape and urban environment.
  • Amsterdam Sustainability Institute
    The Amsterdam Sustainability Institute investigates the interactions between people, socio-economic change and the global environment.