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Research Institutes - FGW

At the Faculty of Humanities, all research is done within two research institutes: CLUE+ and the Network Institute.

Research at VU Amsterdam is organized in twelve interdisciplinairy research institutes (IOZI). At the Faculty of Humanities, all research is done within two of these institutes: CLUE+ and the Network Institute.


CLUE+ is the interfaculty Research Institute for Culture, Cognition, History and Heritage of VU Amsterdam. It brings together researchers from a wide variety of academic disciplines, to work on joint projects, reflect upon societal challenges and formulate strategies for addressing those challenges. With interdisciplinary teams, working in novel ways and with innovative methodologies, CLUE+ aims to provide an inspiring research climate for talented young academics as well as for senior and top researchers. Its international orientation makes it an ideal partner for fellow research institutes and for public organizations active in the arenas of culture, history and heritage, both within Europe and neighboring regions.

Network Institute

The Network Institute is a collaboration between researchers in Computer Science, the Social Sciences, the Humanities, Economics, Law, Philosophy, Mathematics and Theology.

The Network Institute studies the technological, economic, social and communicative aspects of networks. It brings together a unique combination of scientists from informatics, social sciences and humanities. There is new science to explore, in order to understand and deal with our increasingly connected world.