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Team Special Collections

The curators of the University Library work with the collection on a daily basis and are therefore the connaisseurs of the collection par excellence. We are happy to point out potentially relevant manuscripts, art and heritage objects, archives or maps. We also advise on the use of the collections and the application of digital solutions in teaching, research and study.

Researchers, lecturers and students can contact the curators with questions about the Special Collections.

Team Special Collections

Visit the pages of the sub-collections for more information or get in touch.

Michiel Cock

Head of Special Collections & contact Protestant Heritage

This is a picture of Michiel Cock. He is member of the management team of the University Library, and Head of Special Collections.

Myrthe Bleeker

Curator Archives & Collection HDC | Protestant heritage, Bijzondere Collecties, Universiteitsbibliotheek

Eline Bos

Curator Academic Heritage

Willemien van Dijk

Curator Manuscripts and early printed books

This is a picture of Willemien van Dijk. She is curator Manuscripts and early printed books.

Reinout Klaarenbeek

Curator maps and atlases

This is a picture of Reinout Klaarenbeek. He is Curator of maps and atlases.

Wende Wallert

Curator art, Curator VU ART SCIENCE gallery

Curator art Vrije Universiteitsbibliotheek Amsterdam

José van Doorn

Collection manager

Nadine Fujimura - van der Vlies

Manager VU ART SCIENCE gallery

Dagmare Houniet

Archive assistant

Hugo van Kinschot

Archive assistant

Anouk Nuijten

Subject librarian Humanities | Project manager

Anouk Nuijten - Projectleider Universiteitsbibliotheek Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Fabio Zaffora

Collection manager