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Studying with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Last updated on 23 April 2024
Do you have autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

If you have ASD, you may need extra support and guidance to complete your studies successfully. 

ASD counselling

To make education accessible for everyone, VU Amsterdam offers specific guidance for students with ASD. This guidance consists of group guidance or one-on-one guidance.

During group guidance/coaching, students will go through their planning together at a fixed moment in the week, discuss varying themes (for example: working together, asking questions, emailing teachers), and help each other with problems they are currently experiencing. This is supervised by a student-assistant with a background in psychology. Group counseling takes place weekly and lasts 60 minutes. There is no supervision during exams and holidays.

In addition to group supervision, there is also (limited) space for individual guidance. This is especially for students where group-coaching is not an option. This is often the case for students with more complex problems. This guidance is also provided by a student-assistant and is every two weeks for 30 minutes.

Sign up for counselling

For an introductory or intake interview, please send an e-mail to During the intake, the options for guidance will be discussed. If you wish, your parent(s) and / or supervisor(s) are more than welcome to attend this meeting. You always sign up for guidance in the whole semester. It is possible to start during the semester.

Group counseling will be from Monday until Wednesday 17:15-18:15 hrs


The contribution fee for individual counselling is €25,- per semester. For group counselling this is €20 per semester. You will receive a link to complete this payment

Subjects during the guidance 

  • Planning and structure
  • Communication / collaboration with fellow students and teachers
  • Study tips
  • Arrangements and facilities 
  • How to deal with stress
  • Meet other students with ASD (!)


You can contact us on our mail address:

Do you want to know more about studying with ASD?

Do contact the student counsellors!