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Assessment validity

Last updated on 26 May 2023
Results and exemptions generally do not have an expiration date. An exception to this are subjects whose knowledge or insights are evidently outdated or if the student's skills are proved to be outdated.

The assessment validity differs per course. Courses that expired before 1 September 2017 remain expired.

Validity of results and study for a long time

If you study for a long time (i.e. longer than nominal + 1 year), the validity of the results obtained may expire on substantive grounds. The term after which this can happen can be found in the Academic and Examination Regulations (AER) in part B, under Validity period for results. If this applies to you, submit a request to the Examination Board to test the validity of your results.

Special circumstances

If you face special circumstances that affect your academic performance, resulting in a delay in your studies, you can request an extension validity of results, with the Examination Board. Please do complete the form below to apply for an extension of your result's validity(s).

In any case, it is wise to report personal circumstances to your academic advisor; he or she will be happy to help you find possible solutions to problems. You can also discuss with the student advisor whether, based on your personal circumstances, you might be eligible for support from the Profilefund.

Request form

Request extension validity results 
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