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Assessment validity

Last updated on 22 September 2021

Exam results and exemptions generally do not have an expiration date. An exception to this are subjects whose knowledge or insights are evidently outdated or if the student's skills are proved to be outdated. The assessment validity differs per course. Courses that expired before 1 September 2017 remain expired.

Special circumstances

If you face special circumstances that affect your academic performance, resulting in a delay in your studies, you can request an extension validity of exam results, with the Examination board.  An extension is only granted if the student receives (or received) financial support through the Profile fund, due to a study delay. Therefore, the decision to extend depends on the Profile fund’s initial support.

Do you have special circumstances leading up to a delay in your studies, and do you receive support from the Profile fund? If so, please complete the form below to apply for an extension of your examination’s validity (s). SBE students should refer to the SBE form.

Request form

Request extension validity exam results 

SBE - Request extension validity exam results [link toevoegen; was formulier 62]

Opmerking TOLL: link SBE toevoegen!


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