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Submit externally achieved result

Submit externally achieved result
Last updated on 22 September 2021

If you have obtained a result from another study program within or outside VU Amsterdam, you can submit it and have it counted within your own study program.

Result achieved at VU Amsterdam

  • If you have passed an (extra) course within VU Amsterdam at another study program and / or faculty, you need approval from the Examination Board to apply the course within the study program.
  • The result is passed on internally, you do not have to do anything yourself. Your own study program ensures that the subject for which you have received permission is included in your curriculum.

Result achieved not at VU Amsterdam

  • If you have passed an (extra) course at an educational institution other than VU Amsterdam and outside of the cooperation with the UvA, you must ensure that VU Amsterdam has access to the result and the credits you have obtained.
  • Upload the official results overview via the form (in Dutch and English). Official means on stationery from the university where you obtained the result and provided with a signature.
  • VU Amsterdam reserves the right to request the original results overview at any time until the moment of graduation. So keep this document safe.
  • Check whether your result has been processed in your results overview within two weeks.
  • Note: If you have been on exchange at a foreign partner university of VU Amsterdam, a different procedure applies. In that case your transcript or records will be processed by the International Office

Permission Examination Board 

  • If you want to include the course in your program, the Examination Board of your own study program must give approval for the results from elsewhere to be included in your study program.
  • In some cases, the inclusion of extracurricular results in your diploma supplement also requires approval. If you have any questions about this, please contact us via the contact form.

Submit externally obtained result to FGB

Always add a completed copy of this form to the registration form for approval of the courses.


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