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Student associations

Last updated on 4 January 2023
Looking for fun in the big city of Amsterdam? Then join a student association!

Of course you want to get the most out of your student days. Studying in Amsterdam means having a choice from a large number of associations. There are social associations, (faculty) study associations, sports associations and associations with a different focus, such as creative or cultural associations. Besides getting to know many people, you can also gain valuable experience in a committee or board.

A student association focusses on creating social connections between students. You can meet people from various study programmes and educational institutions. On (Become a Member in Amsterdam) you can find information about all associations in the city of Amsterdam. Take the test right away to discover which association suits you best!

Non-faculty study associations

Introduction period (hazing)

Most student associations have an introduction period (also known as the hazing or initiation period). Hazing periods may last some days to several weeks. During this period, new members of an association bond with each other as a group. It is an easy way to meet people and make friends.

During the introduction period you learn more about the traditions and customs of the association. You will also get to know your fellow students and work together intensively. In Amsterdam, the associations LANX, A.S.C./A.V.SV, Unitas, Nonomes and SSRA operate an introduction period. New members of an association are obliged to participate. The exact details and duration of the introduction period differs per student association. The introduction period has sometimes been in the news in a negative light. It can certainly be a challenging period but don't let it put you off immediately. Would you like to know more about it? Read more about the introduction period here [in Dutch].

Not every student association has an introduction period. Would you like to know which associations have one? Check out (Become a Member in Amsterdam)

Every year, together with the UvA and the HvA, VU Amsterdam makes agreements with the relevant student associations about their introduction period. You can read these agreements in the Code of Conduct for Promotion and Introduction Period of Associations in Amsterdam [in Dutch].

Associations at VU Amsterdam

Studying in Amsterdam means you can choose from a wide range of study and student associations. There is also a University Student Council and Faculty Student Council to represent you as a student, which you can also become a part of.

More information can be found in the video.

Do you want to know more about student associations?

Feel free to contact Student Engagement!


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