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New Episode of 'Climate Breakdown' : Sustainability of Food Systems

1 February 2024
The VU Climate Expertise Centre launches the new podcast ‘Climate Breakdown’. An exclusive and limited podcast series hosted by VU assistant professor Mathieu Blondeel. Together with world-leading experts from VU Amsterdam and beyond Mathieu delves into the complex challenges of the global climate crisis from various angles.

Today kicks off the release of Episode 3: 'Beyond the Climate Crisis' a two-parter for our listeners!

About the episode: Beyond the Climate Crisis

It is clear that we are not just in the midst of a climate crisis. A lot more is at stake. Last year, environmental scientists warned that the earth is now ‘well outside the safe operating space for humanity’ because multiple ‘planetary boundaries’ have been broken.

In the first part of our double 'Beyond the Climate Crisis' episode, Mathieu is joined by Kristiaan Kok, Assistant Professor at the Athena Institute of VU Amsterdam. They discuss the environmental, social and economic impacts of the global food system, as well its relation to the climate crisis. Kris also talks about how we can truly transform the system to make it more fair and sustainable.

Listen to the episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Climate Expertise Centre

Brought to you by the recently launched Climate Expertise Centre of VU Amsterdam, this podcast aims to contribute valuable insights into the challenges and solutions surrounding the climate crisis. The VU Climate Expertise Centre presents scientists from a wide range of research fields to provide insights into the latest climate research and to make knowledge accessible to journalists, policymakers and future partners. By bringing knowledge together, the centre aims to enhance sharing and collaborations to accelerate climate action. 

‘Climate Breakdown’ is available on Spotify and Apple Podcast, and produced by PodKasteel. Subscribe, listen and engage! For more information, questions, or to get in touch, please contact Mathieu Blondeel at or visit our Climate Expertise Centre website. 

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