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New VU podcast 'Climate Breakdown' is live

18 January 2024
The VU Climate Expertise Centre launches the new podcast ‘Climate Breakdown’. An exclusive and limited podcast series hosted by VU assistant professor Mathieu Blondeel. Together with world-leading scientists he delves into the complex challenges of the global climate crisis. In the debut episode he speaks with professor of climate change and IPCC co-chair Bart van den Hurk.

About the podcast

In each episode of ‘Climate Breakdown’, Mathieu will engage with experts from VU Amsterdam and beyond, who approach climate-related issues from various angles. From the global stage of COP28 in Dubai to the legal proceedings in The Hague, the speakers explore the multifaceted efforts of scientists, activists, and practitioners in understanding and addressing the urgent climate crisis.

A world on fire?

What is ‘the state of the climate’ as we enter a new year? Professor van den Hurk addresses this crucial question in the first episode of ‘Climate Breakdown’. He navigates us through the scientific knowledge on the climate crisis, what can be done about it, and he explains more about the fascinating world of the IPCC.

‘Climate Breakdown’ is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and produced by Podkasteel. Subscribe, listen and engage!


1. 'A World on Fire? The State of the Climate' with VU Professor of Climate Change and Adaptation, Bart van den Hurk. – Available NOW

2. 'Lies, Lawyers, and Litigation' with VU Assistant Professor of Climate Law, Clemens Kaupa, and Sjoukje van Oosterhout. – Available NOW

3. 'Beyond the Climate Crisis' (part one) with VU Assistant Professors Kristiaan Kok - Available NOW

4. 'Beyond the Climate Crisis' (part two) with Ina Lehmann, and Associate Professor Marije Schaafsma – Available NOW

5. 'Science and Activism' (part one) with VU Professor in Physics, Davide Iannuzzi - Available NOW

5. 'Science and Activism' (part two) with VU Assistant Professor Marthe Wens. – Available on March 7

5. 'A World to Win? On Global Climate Politics' with VU Professor of Transnational Environmental Governance and Policy, Philipp Pattberg. – Available on March 21

VU Climate Expertise Centre

Brought to you by the recently launched Climate Expertise Centre of VU Amsterdam, this podcast aims to contribute valuable insights into the challenges and solutions surrounding the climate crisis. The VU Climate Expertise Centre presents scientists from a wide range of research fields to provide insights into the latest climate research and to make knowledge accessible to journalists, policymakers and future partners. By bringing knowledge together, the centre aims to enhance sharing and collaborations to accelerate climate action. 

For more information, questions, or to get in touch, please contact Mathieu Blondeel at or visit our Climate Expertise Centre website.

Photo credits: Patrick Perkins ©

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