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​​​​​Bringing together expertise to accelerate climate action

Climate Expertise Centre

The Climate Expertise Centre (CEC) works towards climate change solutions, bringing together climate expertise and knowledge to raise awareness and catalyse climate action.

The recently published IPCC report shows that rapid global actions are necessary to save our planet. However, climate issues are complex and cannot be approached in isolation. The Climate Expertise Centre puts VU's excellent climate science in the spotlight with the aim to accelerate the sustainability transition and contribute to a better, greener, and more equitable world.

Topics of research

Our climate experts are researching various aspects of the climate emergency from diverse research disciplines. They not only study the functioning of the climate system and the impact of changes within it, but also analyse the transformative actions needed to achieve the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Agreement.

The subjects they tackle range from extreme weather conditions like heatwaves and heavy rainfall to the state of the Arctic region, the human body's response to increased temperatures, and the climate commitments of the fossil fuel industry, to name a few. In doing so, our experts focus not just on identifying challenges, but also on discovering solutions to avert dangerous climate change.

Can scientists be activists?

Can scientists be activists?

Can scientists be activists, or should they remain neutral? And what does 'neutrality' mean in the face of an ever-growing climate crisis with scientific facts and figures to spare? 

In this part of the podcast series 'Climate Breakdown', VU associate professor Mathieu Blondeel discusses this topic with VU professor of physics Davide Iannuzzi, Chief Impact Officer at VU University Amsterdam. 

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