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Managing AIWISEly: new professional AI learning program starts in January 2025

10 June 2024
Researchers of the KIN Center for Digital Innovation, Marleen Huysman, Reza Mousavi Baygi and Anne-Sophie Mayer are preparing "Managing AI WISEly", a new programme from VU School of Business Economics Executive Education for managers who are interested in AI technologies and its implications for an organization.

In response to the rapid integration of contemporary AI technologies, including generative AI, into the workplace, it is crucial to equip managers and professionals with the knowledge to responsibly develop, implement, and use these technologies. cheduled for launch in January 2025, the new professional AI learning programme, "Managing AI WISEly," is a key outcome of the AIKINOW project, led by Marleen Huysman. The development of the  programme is supported by researchers from the KIN Center for Digital Innovation — Reza Mousavi Baygi and Anne-Sophie Mayer — and Lauren Waardenburg from ESSEC Business School, all part of the AI@Work research group.

The "Managing AI WISEly" programme offers participants a comprehensive understanding of AI technologies, including the latest generative AI tools, and how they differ from other related technologies. Participants will gain in-depth insights into concrete use cases, learn to effectively develop and implement AI systems within organizations, and collect best practices for managing AI development and implementation. The programme also encourages reflection on the intended outcomes of AI technologies, as well as potential pitfalls, ripple effects, and unintended consequences. Emphasizing the importance of collaboration, participants will learn how to bring together developers, domain experts, and other stakeholders for effective AI development and implementation.

The course consists of ten sessions, with the first eight conducted online and the final two sessions held in-person. The programme features numerous activities that address practical challenges participants may encounter based on their organizational experiences.

In this programme, lecturers employ case studies from state-of-the-art research to illustrate how AI technologies are developed and utilized in various organizational contexts. Participants will collectively learn, think, analyze, and develop practical guidelines on how to responsibly leverage AI’s capabilities while mitigating organizational risks and pitfalls.

Throughout the programme, participants will work on individual assignments to help them translate the learnings into actionable insights for their personal work context. The course is designed for managers curious about recent AI trends and interested in the responsible and human-centric development, implementation, and use of AI technologies.

Let us know if you work on the development, implementation, and use of AI systems in organizations and are willing to participate in an interview to help develop the programme. If you have any questions about the course, please email

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