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Guidance Participation Service Point

Last updated on 7 November 2022
The Participation Service Point arranges job coaching for the employee with an occupational disability and buddy training for their supervisor.

Buddy, buddy training and peer review 

When a new employee with an occupational disability starts working, it is a good idea to appoint a colleague as a buddy beforehand. A buddy is a colleague who is paired with the new employee and who works with them directly. The buddy provides on-the-job training and is the new employee’s first point of contact. The Participation Service Point provides buddy training. 

This training involves: 

  • Information on the Participation Act 
  • Information on various types of disability in the workplace 
  • An understanding of the role of buddy 
  • Tips and resources to enable the trainee to fulfil the role of buddy as effectively as possible 

The training course consists of two half-days. The first focuses on providing all the relevant information, the second is a recap session during which a homework assignment is covered and peer review is carried out. 

Buddies and other colleagues can also participate in peer review and thematic sessions that highlight various aspects of disability in the workplace. 

Job coach 

Job coaching can be arranged through the Participation Service Point. This coaching is a provision for the employee and is paid for by the UWV or the municipality. It is therefore free of charge for VU Amsterdam. A job coach has regular contact with the employee with a view to ensuring the smoothest possible entry into the organisation. There are two types of job coaching: 

  • Internal: VU Amsterdam has its own job coaches who may provide coaching. 
  • External: the employee is provided with a job coach through the municipality or an external agency. 

Contact Participation Service Point

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