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Obtain your University Teaching Qualification at VU Amsterdam

During the UTP, you will cover the following topics.

The programme focuses on three skills: teaching practice, supervising your students and course design.

Teaching practice
You will expand your teaching repertoire and develop an individual teaching style. You will directly apply what you learn in your own teaching and see rapid results. In class, you will also discuss any issues you encounter in applying what you’ve learned.

Supervising students
How do you adapt your approach to suit your students’ learning preferences? How do you give constructive feedback? How do you combine the roles of supervisor and assessor? You will practice and analyse the supervision of individual students and groups of up to five students.

Course design
You will design your own course, or redesign an existing one that you can teach immediately. Accounting for your decisions is important in this: why did you make certain choices? What principles do you apply in your teaching? You will also learn how to conduct valid and reliable assessments.

You will be supervised by the programme instructor from the LEARN! Academy. You will also receive feedback from your tutor.

Download the programme guide for this academic year and find out more about our approach.

Contact and further information

Content-related questions

If you have any questions about the content of this course, please contact Staff developer Amrita Das at

Questions regarding registration, planning and payment

If you have any questions about registration, planning and payment, please contact Carin Weitering, Higher Education Student Affairs, at

You can also call us on +31 (0)20 598 4263.


  • Carin Weitering
Carin Weitering