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The ultimate degree for business leaders

Part-time PhD programme in Business

Engage in impactful research and transform your organisation or practice with evidence-based business and management insights.

Organisations are increasingly aware that conducting research into their key organisational processes, and their effects on employees, industries and even markets, is an important function of every organisation’s self-assessment. Research produces new knowledge, which needs to be integrated into the heart of the organisational processes, and serve as a basis for objective decision-making for bringing valuable innovation and change.

The Part-time PhD programme supports business leaders and professionals in conducting original scientific research on a business or management subject of their own choice, for instance related to their own practice. During the 4-year rigorous training trajectory, participants acquire the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills needed to conduct independent research, and to develop 4+ academic papers, which will together form the body of their PhD dissertation.

What does this PhD programme encompass?

The Part-time PhD programme supports participants in:

  • Learning to conduct high-quality research
  • Publishing research in international, peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • Leveraging practical knowledge and expertise for the creation of innovative, evidence-based business concepts
  • Leveraging existing research findings into new integrated knowledge
  • Becoming a valuable member of - and a contributor to - a vibrant academic community

The PhD programme in Business at a glance:

  • Start date: January 2025
  • Duration: 4+ years (3-7 years, depending on individuals' progress)
  • Time investment: at least 16 hours a week for research and course work
  • Tuition fees: between € 24.000 and € 31.000, based on a 4-year trajectory
  • Training modules take place at the campus of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 

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PhD programme in Business

PhD programme in Business

The PhD programme is a structured four-year training programme. The learning process of each of the first two-three year is divided into six sequential modules. Each of the four programme years is focused on the development of scientific papers, which will eventually become part of the PhD dissertation and can be submitted for publication in international peer-reviewed journals. 

The programme follows a module-based structure with achievable milestones, allowing you as a working professional to pursue your PhD project next to a (near) full-time working commitment.

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Reach out for more information

For general information, please contact the Programme Coordinator Niki Konijn. For research-related questions, please contact the Programme Director Prof. dr. Svetlana Khapova

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
School of Business and Economics Executive Education
De Boelelaan 1105

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Niki Konijn
  • Prof. dr. Svetlana Khapova
  • Head of Department, Department of Management & Organisation, Programme Director part-time PhD in Business
  • Professor of Organisational Behaviour, and Head of Section HRM/OB
  • + 31 20 59 82414
Svetlana Khapova