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VU Amsterdam is the purveyor of top Dutch financial professionals

Executive Master of Finance & Control Programme

Do you, as a finance professional, want to be prepared for the future and have the ambition to grow into a successful CFO position with an EMFC and RC title?

The MSc-accredited programme of VU Amsterdam is the right choice. In small groups you will be trained in about two years to become an Executive Master of Finance & Control (EMFC) and Registered Controller (RC).

View everything about admission, application, and costs below.

Admission requirements

  • For admission you must have a university master’s (MSc, Master of Science) degree and two years of relevant work experience.
  • In addition, you need to have knowledge of Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Finance, Accounting Information Systems, Corporate Law & Tax Law, Marketing, Management & Organisation, and Advanced Bookkeeping.
  • Any knowledge you lack in a particular field can be gained through a special deficiency programme.
  • Would you like to check your initial admission? Submit your cv here.
  • During an individual admission interview, it is determined whether work experience and prior education meet the requirements.


You can start in February or September. After the admission interview, you can register by submitting the registration form until 15 January (start February) or 15 August (start September). You will automatically receive this form after the admission interview. To make an appointment, please contact one of our education coordinators: Patty Faase or Ewald Liebegut via or 020 - 598 6035.

Tuition and fees

  • The tuition fee is €12,725 per year. This amount includes the costs for the start and closing seminar but excludes the costs for readers and case copyrights (€250 per year) and literature to be purchased.
  • The study can be completed in two years. However, if it is necessary to be registered for a third year, €695 will be charged.
  • From the fourth year on, €1,995 will be charged per additional academic year.

Are you not reimbursed for the study by your employer?

  • You can use the STAP budget.
  • Or the lifelong learning credit (via DUO).

Additional information

  • Admission pathway for HBO (Higher / College Education) graduates

    • In order to be admitted to the programme, you must be in possession of a scientific master's degree.
    • If you do not yet have a master’s title, you can enroll in the part-time master's programme in Accounting & Control.
    • During this programme, you can choose the Control track and take the courses Advanced Corporate Finance and Management Control.
    • Under certain conditions, candidates with a completed Post HBO education can also be admitted. The admissions committee makes an individual assessment for this.
  • Association of Register Controllers (VRC)

    • The Association of Register Controllers (VRC) -  VRC for short – brings together the graduates of the Postgraduate Controller programmes at Dutch universities.
    • The Association focuses on promoting the proper professional practice of academically trained controllers. It stimulates knowledge transfer, both for the benefit of the affiliated members and of the recognised Controller programmes.
    • The VRC manages the collective service marks 'Registered Controller' and 'RC', which express the intended quality standard. In addition to the members who carry the service mark, the VRC has associated members and prospective members.
    • Registration handled by the Accreditation Commission. The Disciplinary Board monitors compliance with the Code of Conduct used by the Association.
  • Alumni Association

    VU Registered Controllers is the Alumni Association founded in 2001 that aims to maintain and promote contact between former students of the EMFC-programme at VU Amsterdam.

    The main target group consists of the now more than 1,750 Registered Controllers who have completed the study at VU Amsterdam since 1986. This means that the reach of the Alumni Association covers almost one third of all Register Controllers in the Netherlands. In addition to VU RCs, VU RC students who have not yet graduated are also welcome as prospective members.

    Furthermore, the Alumni Association, in collaboration with VU Amsterdam, aims to periodically update the VU RCs about new professional developments. The Alumni Association aims to keep the costs of membership as low as possible. Partly thanks to sponsorship, membership for (prospective) members is free to date.

    The main activities of the association are:

    • Annual lectures on a current topic from the daily practice of the Controller/CFO, given by guest speakers (mostly CFOs) who have more than earned their stripes in the financial function.
    • An annual update, provided in collaboration with VU Amsterdam and selected guest speakers; highlighting the latest developments in the field.
    • A private LinkedIn group, exclusively for VU RC's.

    Quotes from our alumni

    "Perfect mix of theory and practice" – Erik Swelheim, CFO KLM

    "The VU-RC programme gives you a unique starting position" – Arend de Jong, Senior Vice President Corporate Finance & Treasury KLM

    "An excellent basis for future CFOs" — Hans Janssen, CFO Royal Friesland Campina

  • The Professor Henk Meij Thesis Award Foundation

    • The Professor Henk Meij Thesis Award Foundation aims to stimulate education in the Controller programme of VU Amsterdam by awarding an annual prize to the student who has written the best thesis. The first prize is €2,000 the second prize €750.
    • The prizes are awarded by an independent jury.
    • The Professor Henk Meij Thesis Award Foundation was established in 1998 by Professor Henk Meij (1928-2007). Henk was CFO of Unilever for quite some time. He was one of the founders of the postgraduate Controller programme at VU Amsterdam and taught as a full professor in the field of Strategic Planning for many years. Henk also taught as a professor by special appointment in the Controller programme. Students who have obtained a grade of 8 or higher for their thesis and who are nominated by their supervisor can compete for this prize.

    Criteria used by the jury to assesses the theses:

    • Scientific quality
    • Added value for the company
    • Originality
    • Presentation and design

    Members of the jury:

    • Prof.dr. Tom Groot, Chairman of the jury. Professor emeritus of Management Accounting, VU Amsterdam and Director of ARCA (Amsterdam Research Center in Accounting)
    • Prof. dr. Robert van der Meer, Professor emeritus of Finance, University of Groningen
    • Hans Janssen RC, CFO Royal Friesland Campina
    • Brigitte de Graaff LLM MSc CMA, PhD candidate, EMFC-programme VU Amsterdam
    • Louis Spoor RA, lecturer in Information, Technology & Control and Risk Management, EMFC- programme VU Amsterdam, Secretary of the jury

    Board of the Foundation:

    • Staffan Meij, Director Read Speaker and Chairman of Foundation Board
    • Prof. dr. Bert Steens RC MCM
    • Drs. Gavin van Boekel MBA RC, Chairman Curatorium Controller Programme VU Amsterdam

Would you like to know more?

Please feel free to contact Patty Faase or Ewald Liebegut.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
School of Business and Economics Executive Education
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Patty Faase
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