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AI, robotics, innovation ecosystems, blockchain, VR, IoT & more!

Digital Innovation & Transformation

Would you like to be able to translate the opportunities that digital innovation offers to your organisation? In the executive programme Digital Innovation & Transformation (DIT), you will learn how to bridge the gap between business and technology and become the digital leader who understands how digital innovation can contribute to your organisation and is able to communicate this convincingly.

Digital transformation is the radical organisational change resulting from the emergence of digital innovations such as artificial intelligence, robotics, digital platforms, innovation ecosystems, blockchain, virtual reality and the Internet of Things. We hear these buzzwords everywhere, but what do they really mean for your organisation?

In this programme for professionals, you will learn to navigate the digital landscape to make better decisions. This way, you will recognise relevant opportunities and threats and you will be able to create value for your organisation through digital innovation. In the lectures, we discuss both the organisational and technological challenges of digital transformation, and you learn to connect IT and business. The basis for this series of lectures are the latest scientific insights, together with our own research experience from the VU KIN Center for Digital Innovation on how digital technologies are developed and applied in practice. 

What does the course Digital Innovation and Transformation deliver?

  1. Learn what digital transformation means and what it means for your organisation. 
  2. Develop skills to 'get your organisation on board' with the changes needed to successfully realise this transformation. 
  3. Learn how to be a bridge between technology and the business. 
  4. Gain the latest insights, theories and models about digital innovation and transformation.
  5. Learn to think critically about and reflect on the ethical and social implications of digital innovation and transformation. 
  6. Learn from the experiences of other organisations - both from other participants, and from relevant case studies from our own research. 

Who is the education Digital Innovation and Transformation for?

Do you have an affinity with digitisation, but want to look beyond the hypes? Are you a generalist with a passion for technology? Do you want more insight into the value of digitisation for your own work and organisation? Are you looking for the knowledge and skills that will help you bring your organisation along in this development? Then DIT is the education for you!

The study programme is offered in Dutch. Explore the full programme here.


Change your world, study Digital Innovation & Transformation (DIT)