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The safety belt of an organisation

Compliance & Integrity Management

Compliance is the organisation's safety belt. It protects the organisation against risks from both outside and inside through the behaviour of employees, including integrity.

Compliance is in fact about the safe achievement of the organisation's core objectives. It concerns subjects that can directly or indirectly affect the organisation's "license to operate". You cannot equate compliance with legislation and regulations. On the one hand, that is too broad, because not all legislation and regulations should fall under compliance. On the other hand, it is too limited, because compliance not only looks at the laws and regulations, but also at the internal standards of conduct and agreements that the organisation has imposed on itself, without being legally obliged to do so.

More and more demands are being placed on organisations. And organisations are also imposing integrity standards on themselves in order to mitigate the risks that we have often witnessed in recent years. In this changing landscape, more and more is being asked of the compliance professional. Technological support is necessary to cope with this. In addition, technology is changing rapidly: what was impossible until recently is now reality. The Compliance professional does not necessarily have to master the technology, but he/she must know what technology is available and how it can be used appropriately for Compliance and Integrity Management.

Compliance & Integrity Management is a challenging postgraduate programme that lasts 2 years. But you can also choose to follow the programme modularly. The programmes are offered in Dutch. Please view the whole programme on the Dutch website

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