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Unravel the causes, treatment and prevention of psychopathology

Psychopathology, Health and Prevention

In this minor, you focus on psychopathology, health and prevention from a clinical, neuropsychological and developmental perspective.

The courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills that enable you to work in clinical practice at a bachelor level, and to do scientific research on clinically relevant topics, such as the effectiveness of mental health prevention programs.

At the end of this minor:

  • you can describe psychopathology (e.g., DSM-5, ICD-11) and related prevention/treatment programs (e.g., CBT, BA, psychoeducation) to prevent or treat psychopathology across the lifespan;
  • you can describe relevant issues regarding global health (e.g. lifestyle, stress) and diversity (e.g., gender, ethnicity) in clinical practice; and
  • you can apply your assessment, coaching and research skills during tutorials and while working on assignments about psychopathology, health and prevention.