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What is the impact of globalisation on how we live

Law and Global Justice: Climate, Internet and Migration

The regulation of the internet, the international mobility of people and the management and causation of climate change are amongst the most hotly debated issue of our times.

These issues transcend national and regional borders, which not only complicates questions of accountability, effectivity but also the access to justice for the legal subjects involved. They raise questions of the control of national and international exercises of power, of the relationship between international law, the nation state and capitalism but also of the effects of colonialism in contemporary North/South relations.

This minor contains courses on the law relating to migration, climate change, the internet, as well as a selection of other current topics in transnational law which vary from year to year (past topics including fertility tourism, selling citizenship, the Covid-19 pandemic, and geoengineering).

If you are pursuing careers in European and international law or in the field of domestic or international migration, this is an excellent minor for you. The minor prepares you for the master programs European and International Law, International Migration and Refugee Law, International Technology Law or Internet, Intellectueel Eigendom en ICT.

During this minor you will learn:

  • The international legal framework relating to the three issues covered
  • The problems and defects of this law, and the role of lawyers in creating change
  • How to research and present a critical argument on issues of global justice

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