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What is the impact of globalisation on how we live

Law and Global Justice: Climate, Internet and Migration

After completing this minor, the student has knowledge of the core of the legislation concerning the three core topics, has gained insight in the most important critique and analysis of this legislation (from a legal, policy-orientated, sociological, anthropological and/or philosophical perspective), and is capable of critically judging proposed changes.

For each of the topics the student knows which actors play a role in making rules and policy, how states work together (or not), the consequences of this (lack of) cooperation and the future perspective for transnational regulations in migrations, climate change and internet. Knowledge of these ‘case studies’ and the theory involved also enables student to independently reflect on other areas of transnational problems, such as security.

Overview courses

  • Human Rights and the Border

    Human Rights and the Border highlights the changing character of borders and identifies different categories of ‘migrants’ created by the law.

  • Internet Governance

    Internet Governance focuses on the legal, practical and political obstacles to regulation of the internet, and the challenges which its cross-border nature creates for individual states, especially given the evolution of threats to cyber security.

  • Climate Change Law

    Climate Change Law discusses existing laws relevant to the causation and management of climate change, and the actors involved in making and enforcing these laws.

  • Human Rights and Citizenship

    Human Rights and Citizenship analyses the multi-faceted and changing character of citizenship and nationality, discusses the relevance of citizenship for human rights protection and critically engages with the concept of ‘integration’.

  • Current Issues courses

    The program is concluded with two Current Issues courses, in Migration (research-based) and Transnational law (legal analysis-based).