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Transform creative ideas into successful business ventures

In the minor Entrepreneurship at VU Amsterdam, you dive into the challenges entrepreneurs face and develop a proactive attitude.

This minor provides fundamental knowledge about what it takes to transform creative ideas into successful business ventures. Specifically, the minor will allow you to better appreciate different forms of entrepreneurship across different contexts, understand the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs, and find creative solutions for overcoming these challenges.

This knowledge is extremely valuable for any student, because career success increasingly requires that you are proactive, promote change, and pursue new entrepreneurial initiatives that create economic and social value. So, if you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, this is definitely the minor for you. But also if you do not have plans to go in that direction, this minor is worthwhile because knowledge of entrepreneurship is critical to anyone who interacts in significant ways with entrepreneurs including managers in large established firms, consultants, bankers, and government policy makers.

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