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Shape your vision about culture

As a Media, Art, Design and Architecture graduate, you will have a broad foundation in various disciplines. At the same time, you will become a specialist in one of the four fields of media, art, design or architecture. While most students choose to continue their studies following the bachelor, you can also find work for diverse companies and organizations, or independently pursue project-based work.

Having completed your studies you will have learned to look critically at many visual and material expressions of culture, asking questions that are pertinent to understanding the context in which they appear. You will have gained experience in writing texts, analysing objects and images, and developing a birds-eye view.

With the knowledge that all cultures, and forms of culture, have deep roots and can profoundly influence each other and the world, your education requires you to rise above traditional disciplinary boundaries and you will take this approach with you on your future career path.

What can you do after your Bachelor’s degree?

You continue to study

After receiving your bachelor's degree in Media, Art, Design, and Architecture, you may continue to study in one of several master’s programmes offered by the VU, or by another university.

Among the master’s programmes offered at the VU that may be of interest are the following:

Arts and Culture Studies with five specializations: Architectural History, Comparative Arts & Media Studies, Contemporary Art History, Design Cultures, Art, Market and Connoisseurship
Critical Studies in Arts and Culture (Humanities Research Master)
Curating Arts and Cultures
Heritage Studies

Start your career

With a bachelor’s degree in Media, Art, Design and Architecture, you have built a strong foundation with a range of skills and a broad knowledge base and you can start in various positions. Increasingly, companies and organizations look for candidates who can approach an issue in an interdisciplinary way. That’s great for you: your studies were specialized in interdisciplinarity.

Possible functions:

Media: program maker, editor or journalist for television, radio, magazines, films, new media, and digital labs.

Art: curator, exhibition maker, assistant researcher or tour guide at museums, galleries, auction houses, or in cultural tours.

Design: curator or assistant researcher at design museums and design agencies.

Architecture: consultant or assistant researcher in historic preservation, spatial planning, or architecture centers.

Also think of possibilities for employment in policy projects at municipalities and other government institutions, education at schools and museums.