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Understand today’s world by studying the past

History and International Studies

How has democracy become a global standard while other types of government are considered ‘deviations’? What are the historical origins of global inequality and climate change? 

History and International Studies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is an excellent choice for students interested in learning about the historical origins of our global society from an interdisciplinary perspective. 

This programme is selected number 1 History programme of the Netherlands by the independent Keuzegids Universiteiten 2021.

Discover your History and International Studies study programme

During the Bachelor you develop a broad foundation of historical knowledge from Antiquity to the present era from a global perspective. You look at themes of contemporary relevance such as slavery or the rise of China and study them to understand today’s international relations. By combining insights from the study of History with those from the social sciences and International Relations, you develop a deeper understanding of today’s societal challenges.

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