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CLUE+ is the Vrije Universiteit interfaculty research institute for Culture, Cognition, History and Heritage.

The main goal is to stimulate indisciplinary collaboration on societal challenges related to the Vrije Universiteit profile themes. General information on the different types of funding calls can be found on this page.

Important Information

  • CLUE+ calls

    Every year the CLUE+ institute makes budget available for two CLUE+ calls. With these calls our members can apply for funding for a variety of research activities. An example of these activities (which can varied per call) are:

    • Academic/scientific meetings (e.g. conferences, workshops);
    • Preparation for grant applications;
    • Assistance to support research activities;
    • Establishing or maintaining consortiums, networks and public and private partnerships;
    • Policy development and consultancy initiatives;
    • Valorisation activities.

    To apply for funding outside the calls is unfortunately not possible. If you have questions regarding our funding please contact us via

    For more information regarding the CLUE+ calls please click here.

  • Connected World calls

    Connected World calls

    The VU profile theme Connected World is coordinated by the interdisciplinary research institutes CLUE+ and Network Institute and chaired by the Faculty of Humanities. It’s four year mission is to contribute to the solution of societal problems linked to disconnection: better connecting ethnic or social groups in metropolitan melting pots, better connecting citizens to the landscape and environment they inhabit, better connecting global citizens to improve mutual understanding, and better connecting affordances of digital technologies to human needs of inclusion, mutual cooperation and support, and accurate information.

    To encourage Connected World research, VU Amsterdam makes additional resources available to its staff each year by organising internal competitions:

    • Connected World Acadamy Assistants (the call AA2023 will be opened in December 2022)
    • Connected World Fellowship Programme (the call Fellow2023 will be opened in December 2022)

    In addition CLUE+ and the Network Institute regularly provide grants to promote research on the Connected World theme, for example, to form Academic Living Labs. 

    For more information regarding the Connected World theme please visit the website or send an e-mail to