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Research domain: Emerging Science & Technology

Emergent science and technologies, such as biotech, blockchain and AI, not only constitute technical, but also social change. The Athena Institute integrates societal actors in research and innovation processes in various ways, to ensure that technological developments contribute to solving societal problems. Find our projects listed below, divided into subthemes.

Inclusive technologies

Emerging technologies often have the potential to contribute to solving societal issues, but it is not a given that those inclusive promises will be fulfilled. To achieve that, Athena takes part in innovation processes, involves end-users, and tries to steer technological developments at an early stage.

Doing eHealth Right | Reduces health inequalities by transforming the eHealth system

Green Metrics | Analyses how 'green metrics' can become part of health technology assessment

Evidence in Action | Includes experiential knowledge in vaccination guidelines through AI analyses

Technologies for Inclusive Employment | Investigates the inclusive role of technology in employment of people with disabilities

Chances for West | Develops socio-cultural manuals for inclusive technologies

Science communication

Athena initiates, facilitates and studies interactions between scientists and citizens, to ensure that science aligns with the needs in society. We do this, for example, through playful methods that ensure easy participation, stimulate out of the box thinking and spark new conversations.

Catalyst | Engages citizens through playful methods in discussions on how technology should be used within a 'smart city' (finalised)

Rewarded! | What scientists need in order to do meaningful science communication (Dutch, finalised)

Reprodutopia | Initiates conversations between scientists and citizens through an exhibition on the future of reproduction (finalised)

RETHINK | Establishes reflexive connections between science and society in Europe (finalised)

COALESCE | Aims to close the gap between science and society by building on and connecting science communication, public engagement and co-creation practices in Europe (starts soon)

SocKETs | Aligns innovations based on key enabling technologies, such as AI, e-health and nanotechnology, with societal values

Vaccination Dialogues | Facilitates dialogues with citizens to align COVID-19 vaccination policy with needs in society and improve governmental learning

Science with Society | Facilitates dialogues between Amsterdam's residents and students on societal issues

MELOMANES | Designs a reflexive practice training programme on cancer treatment through nanotechnology (starts soon)

Science in/and Crisis: Climate Citizen Consultation | Places the lifeworld of citizens at the centre of science communication (starts soon)

Societal entrepreneurship

We study and foster societal entrepreneurship and aim to make innovation processes more effective and reflective.

TRUSTyFOOD | Opportunities for blockchain technology in the the food supply chain

Preparing for Emerging Infectious Diseases | Aligns short-term public health and long-term R&D responses

Probiotics | Investigates how valuable health innovations that not fit the paradigm, like probiotics, can get a successful place in the health system

DOMINO | Drives the creation of plant-based fermented foods in Europe (starts soon)

History of knowledge

We study the production, distribution and societal embedding of several forms of knowledge, as well as the institutions involved in these processes. Thereby, we provide a long-term perspective on contemporary and future innovation processes. We study these topics as part of wider social entanglements, related to the societal uses of knowledge and the cultural conditions and power relations underlying them.

SOY STORIES | Investigates the histories of soy cultivation and intensive animal farming for an inclusive, sustainable future

Dutch Agricultural History | Studies the post-war industrialisation of Dutch agriculture in relation to environmental issues

The Scientific Conference: A Social, Cultural, and Political History | Analyses the practice of conferencing in science and its societal entanglements

Internationalism | Studies the rise of international scientific projects and institutions, as well as the ideology of scientific internationalism

Cold War Education | Analyses the rise of new ideals and practices in education in their social and political contexts

Systems Thinking | Describes the post-war transformation of systems as a descriptive tool to systems as a means of controlling an increasing range of political, economic and social processes

Disciplinarity | Studies the nature and development of academic disciplines, as well as the rise of inter- and transdisciplinarity

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