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VU Mindful: the place to go for mindfulness & meditation

VU Mindful

Expand your knowledge about mindfulness, gain a new perspective on life or meditate in an exclusively designed room in the Mindful Library. Whether you want to gain new knowledge or join a meditation session: you have the space to create your own place at VU Mindful.

The Mindful Library: A place for reflection, connection and discovery.
Hidden between stacks of books, you can find the Mindful Library, which offers individuals and groups a place for meditations. The Mindful Library is located on the second floor of the University Library in the Main Building. Every month, a Mindful Meetup takes place, in which we discover a new form of meditation together, for example in response to a performance in the art gallery, a social event or a central theme. Do you not only want to get started with meditation, but also learn more about the underlying philosophies? Then you can use the lending system of the University Library at the Mindful Library, where hundreds of books about mindfulness can be found. The information specialists of the library have already made a selection of the most inspiring books for you. So check out the collection! You can borrow the books through the lending system of the University Library or find a comfortable spot and read the books in the library. Do you want to borrow a book? Use your membership card to do so. As a student, you can activate your student card as a library card at the service desk on the first floor of the library.

Some examples of events happening on Campus

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The Mindfulnest:
Do you rather meditate alone, in a closed of space? You can catch your breath in the Mindfulnest, listen to the meditation and mindfulness exercises offered, sit in silence or use your own meditation app. You can find the Mindfulnest in study space NU-1A49. More information

Do you want to join us or organise something yourself?
You don't have to register for most activities, so join the weekly group meditations and Tai-chi sessions or use the spaces to meditate yourself. Do you want to organise meditations yourself or suggest another initiative? Get in touch!

Part of project Omboeken
The Mindful Library is part of the library's project Omboeken. The main goal of Omboeken: to make VU books more visible and easy to find, in a way that ensures that they are consulted and used more often.