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VU Designstudio

VU Designstudio is your one-stop-shop for design, layout and production support of offline and online communication tools.

We are specialised in creating visual communication expressions. We represent the identity of VU Amsterdam with the aim of increasing our recognisability internally and externally. We develop VU Amsterdam’s house style and brand policy and ensure consistent implementation. We also supervise projects from briefing to realisation. We deliver products such as flyers, online magazines, annual reports, posters, infographics, animation, videos and visual material. In addition to tailor-made work, we develop standardised, easy-to-use templates for communication tools.

There are three possible routes for designing a communication tool at VU Amsterdam:

1. VU Designstudio will, at an hourly rate, take care of the design and arrange for the production in collaboration with contract partners.

2. VU Designstudio supervises the design by an external design agency (fixed pool via invitation to tender) and, if required, arranges production in collaboration with contract partners.

3. Clients create their own communication tool using standard templates in the Toolbox. These are facilitated by VU Designstudio. Printed matter is processed directly by ReproVU via the Toolbox.

The choice of a route depends on the complexity of the assignment and the capacity at VU Designstudio. Of course, the available budget and the client's capacity are also decisive. In all cases, VU Designstudio is happy to advise on the possibilities.

Contact VU Designstudio at or call 020 59 83533.

VU Designstudio

  • Project management

    Project managers supervise graphic projects. They share their thoughts and advise the client about the approach and monitor the unity with other current assignments (campaigns for example). The project manager monitors planning, progress and budget. Project managers are the link between the client, the supplier and the production department inside and outside VU Amsterdam.

    Saskia van Dongen, Myra Akkerhuis, Monique Leeuwe
    VU Main Building - 0E-gang
    De Boelelaan 1101
    1081 HV  Amsterdam

    Tel: 020 59 83533


  • Art director

    The art director is responsible for the visual translation of VU Amsterdam’s identity to develop a creative concept starting with the idea, possibly together with an external agency. The art director translates the client's wishes into suitable means of communication or a campaign so that it can be worked out within the set house style framework. For larger assignments, which are outsourced, the art director provides (inspiring) input for the briefing, shares thoughts with the client, and visualises and checks the product. The art director works together with our own designers and is also the link between the various specialists.

    Heleen ten Voorde,

  • Photography & video

    The image editor can work on all kinds of image projects (photos, videos, animations, etc.), from concept to production and from image research to advice. The image editor is also (jointly) responsible for drawing up the image guidelines and advises staff and third parties on their use.
    The image editor acts as a point of contact for photographers, video makers and other suppliers and is responsible for the picture archive.

    Adrie Smits,

  • Design

    The graphic designers take care of the design of online and offline communication tools that fit the VU Amsterdam house style. They advise the client and translate their wishes into a visually strong expression.
    The graphic designers support the art director in the further development and guaranteeing of our house style.
    They also design templates for self-service (toolbox) so you can make your own social media banners, brochures, flyers and business cards in the VU Amsterdam house style.

    Some of our areas of expertise:

    Esther van Munster, Rudie Jaspers, Sam ten Voorde via

  • Production supervision

    Our order managers will be happy to discuss the execution, use of different paper types and finishing options with you. They can also advise you about printing on other materials or if you want to stand out with your order. Our employees all have a graphic background and many years of experience in printed communication and media. They are our professional and experienced printing team.