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Education programmes

In the Computer Science (CS) department at Vrije Universiteit (VU), we train students to become critical and socially engaged academics in a "connected world", where multiple disciplines work towards solutions for complex questions. Most aspects of our lives now depend on ICT, and computer science, in the broadest sense, plays a pivotal role in dealing with all the important challenges of our time. Whether we are talking about the climate, curing diseases, DNA sequencing, sustainable development and trade, trustworthy elections, or the security and privacy of citizens, there is an urgent need for experts in computer science, data processing and artificial intelligence. 

The connected world is reflected in our student population itself which is international and outward-looking. It also means that societal problems, research and education should not be separated. For this reason, almost all researchers teach in both the bachelor and master programmes, facilitating the adoption of the latest research insights in all our programmes. 

The following traits form the cornerstones of our bachelor and master education.

Focus on the core principles and skill

Students explore the critical academic, theoretical, practical, and technological aspects of their field of study in a balanced programme

By means of an inspiring and challenging education

Our programmes are research-driven and offer challenging assignments in many areas. Many students further complement their regular programs by means of the departmental Honours Program, and/or various extra-curricular activities (such as robotics and hacking contests). 

Oriented to responsible science

We teach students to conduct good science (through the proper use of scientific methods, accurately reporting results, fair use of the literature, etc.) and reflect on our responsibility towards each other (the impact of algorithms and software on sustainability, social fairness, privacy, safety, and transparency).

In an open and inclusive study environment

Both students and staff members are committed to embrace diversity of ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, wealth, disability, and nationality. Our staff members promote student engagement and an open culture and attitude.


The department of Computer Science offers two Bachelor programmes:

In our bachelors programmes, students grow to become professionals in exactly the connected  world, with a sound background in computers or artificial intelligence. In addition, our bachelor programmes provide students with the knowledge and understanding to successfully follow a score of exciting master programmes.

As mentioned, almost all teachers in the bachelor programmes are also researchers. The basic principle in our department is that every staff member teaches at least one course in a bachelor programme and several courses are closely related to the research carried out by the lecturer of the course.


The department of Computer Science offers five master programmes:

In the master programmes, students dive deeper into the subjects. The courses are generally more advanced and contain even more state-of-the-art insights and, often, the latest research results.