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At VU School of Business and Economics we shape free thinkers, ready to take on the world.

The social transitions, sustainability, how we collaborate, how we can make society more inclusive, or how companies and organizations define profit nowadays; all the great challenges of our time require people who can think independently. People with broad development and a moral compass to reflect and make impactful decisions. And that is exactly where the VU School of Business and Economics challenges you.

How can business promote environmental and social responsibility?

How can business make the world fairer and support diversity & inclusion?

The answers are out there

We just have to find them

There are no excuses

Unlock our potential

That’s what we do

Because we are free thinkers

Guided by reason, science and logic

But also by ethics, integrity and a strong moral compass

We believe in science with purpose

Free thinking is the only way forward for science, business and society

to further collaboration, openness and social responsibility

Harnessing the power of innovation and digitalisation

To transform our planet for good

See how we do this