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Members Transition Animal-free Innovations Amsterdam

The mission of the members of TPI Amsterdam is to develop and stimulate animal-free innovations and to accelerate the implementation in education and research.

Members TPI Amsterdam

Members TPI Amsterdam

Imran Avci

Assistant Professor, Biophotonics and Medical Imaging, VU Amsterdam

Mátyás Bittenbinder

Biologist and toxicologist, VU Amsterdam

Sue Gibbs

Professor in Skin and Mucosa Regenerative Medicine at Department of Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology Amsterdam UMC and at the Department of Oral Cell Biology, ACTA.

Timo Hamers

Associate Professor Environmental Health and Toxicology, VU Amsterdam

Vivi Heine

Associate Professor, Clinical genetics, Amsterdam UMC

Prof. Dr. Jaap Heringa

Head of Department, Head of Bioinformatics research group

Richard Jaspers

Full Professor Physiology, VU Amsterdam

Paul Jennings

Chair of Molecular and Computational Toxicology, VU Amsterdam

Cindy Kunne

Director Animal Research Center VU Amsterdam

Diederik Kuster

Assistant Professor Heart failure & arrhythmias, Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences, Amsterdam UMC

Johan van Heerden

Assistant Professor, Systems Biology Lab, A-life, VU Amsterdam.

Coen Ottenheijm

Full Professor, Physiology at Amsterdam UMC

Dasja Pajkrt

Professor of Viral Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Amsterdam UMC

Jolanda van der Velden

Chair of the Department of Physiology at the Amsterdam University Medical Center, and director of the Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences Institute, Amsterdam UMC

Katja Wolthers

Clinical virologist at the Department of Medical Microbiology, Amsterdam UMC (location AMC)