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Transition Animal-free Innovations

The Transition Animal-free innovations program TPI Amsterdam is an initiative of VU Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC. The mission of TPI Amsterdam is to develop and stimulate animal-free innovations and to accelerate the implementation in education and research.

Scientists from the life sciences, physics, chemistry and (bio)informatics join forces with the Animal Welfare Committee and the Amsterdam Animal Research Centre to effectively implement the 3Rs policy.

We do this by:

  • Stimulating non-animal research and education with symposia, helpathons and networks 
  • Developing and providing (post-)academic education
  • Website with information in text and image about the development of non-animal methods of our scientists

Watch the state of the art of Animal-free Innovations VU Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC

Transition Animal-Free Innovations Amsterdam

Researchers from VU Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC are working on new forms of research that can reduce animal testing. Watch the video on the right for a short overview of pioneering solutions.

In other videos on this webpage several scientists are interviewed in more detail.

Watch the video

More about TPI Amsterdam

  • TPI Amsterdam members

    Various researchers from VU Amsterdam( Faculty of Science and Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences), ACTA, Amsterdam UMC and the Amsterdam Animal Research Centre are working together on the transition Animal-free innovations. See the members of TPI Amsterdam

  • Animal-free innovations at Amsterdam UMC

    Researchers at Amsterdam UMC are increasingly developing animal-free alternatives for research in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological and immunological disorders and musculoskeletal disorders. Visit the website for more information.

  • Amsterdam Animal Research Center

    In the Amsterdam Animal Research Center (AARC), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC collaborate on research.

    Research aimed at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and the welfare of humans and animals. The primary task of the AARC is to facilitate research and the optimal care and housing of the animals. All this is done within the framework of Wet op de Dierproeven and according to the 3V method: refinement, replacement and reduction. In addition, we at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are committed to the transparency policy.

  • Transition to Animal-free Innovation (TPI)

    The Netherlands wants to be an international leader in innovations that make animal testing unnecessary. Therefore, the central government stimulates the development and application of models for animal-free research. This is done with the partner programme Transition to Animal-free Innovation (TPI).

  • Young TPI

    Who is Young TPI?
    Young TPI is a group of enthusiastic and motivated young professionals, PhDs and students with different study and career backgrounds. What connects them is their interest in the transition towards animal-free innovations and their ambition to contribute to the acceleration of the transition. The Young TPI network is growing, and they are now accepting new members to join efforts, share a vision and walk together toward human-centered science. Go the the website for more information or register to become a Young TPI member.

  • News and conferences

Animal-free models and topics