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Electives faculty of social sciences

Last updated on 29 September 2021

The first semester of year three of Bachelor’s programme is the elective space. The elective space has a workload of 30 ECTS.

You can fill in your elective space with (a combination of):

All students who are going to fill in their elective space have to fulfil the requirement that at least 12 EC of courses are of "level 300" (advanced level); the other courses have to be of at least "level 200". This means the following for the different ways in which you can fill in your elective space:


If you fill in your elective space with separate electives, there must be at least two courses (12 ECTS) of “level 300”. The level of the courses at VU Amsterdam is indicated in the course description. You can choose from the courses on the Faculty of Social Sciences elective list  without permission from the Examination Board

If you want to take elective courses at another university and the level thereof is not indicated in the course description, ask for a statement from that university showing the level of the course. If you want to take electives at another faculty of VU Amsterdam or at another university, you must submit a request to the Examination Board.

In principle, you are not allowed to include electives of “level 100” (introductory level) in your electives. The only exception that the Examination Board can make is that one “level 100” course is approved if you have compiled a coherent package of electives in which that “level 100” course is explicitly required as prior knowledge for another course in that package.

Furthermore, a language proficiency course may be included in the electives for a maximum of 6 ECTS. In some degree programmes it is possible to expand this to 12 ECTS if convincing arguments are provided. This is at the discretion of the Examination Board.

A language minor can also be an option, but have it approved by the Examination Board first.

In order to be allowed to go abroad on exchange to fill in your elective space, you must have completed the first year of the Bachelor's programme at the time of departure and have obtained a total of at least 90 ECTS. To be eligible for selection, you must have obtained at least 60 ECTS of your Bachelor's degree when you register. Registration and placement is done via the International Office.

Also see the information under Overview of electives on this page.

Combination internship and electives:

If you are following a level 300 internship, then any remaining space in your profile space must be filled in with electives of at least level 200. If you are following a level 200 internship, you must fill in the remaining credits of your profile space with at least 2 electives (12 ECTS) from level 300.

More about internships FSS.

Overview electives FSS


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